Coming soon!

We have, and are preparing to install a warm water, endless pool for Canine Aquatic Therapy. This type of warm water therapy for dogs is a nurturing modality that facilitates dramatic healing and offers numerous health benefits. Water provides extremely low (no) impact exercise, and creates far greater (20x) resistance than air. Furthermore, my training in massage, Tui-Na, and energy work help me support your beloved pet as he or she recovers from surgery, disk issues, neurological issues, luxating patellas, and many other ailments. 

By building muscle in a low impact environment, many times surgery can be avoided altogether. Dogs with long backs (Dachshunds, Basset Hounds, Corgis etc.) benefit greatly from swimming and massage, by building up muscle in a virtually gravity-free environment. Athletic, sporting dogs benefit by using their body in a new way, without the repetitive stress often encountered in their day to day athletic endeavors. They also benefit from whole body supportive massage in the nurturing and supportive environment.

While under water treadmills certainly can be of help in rehabilitating a dog, what I offer is different. I am in the pool with  your pet, and offer him or her support and grounded nurturing through the whole process. The environment is one of support and serenity, not at all sterile or mechanical.