I am extremely proud and excited to share that I've been approved as a TIP Trainer by the Mustang Heritage Foundation! If you or anyone you know want a gentle Mustang, please let me know. I have a lovely place for your Mustang to come "let down" from the corrals. There's a shelter attached to a 50' round pen, surrounded by woods and a beautiful creek just stone's throw away. 
I have many tools in my kit to help him or her recover physically and psychologically from the stresses of being rounded up and separated from the herd. 
I treat every horse as individual and go above and beyond to ensure he or she gains the confidence and knowledge to be a loving companion and trusted partner to his human counterpart. Mustangs are amazing horses - strong, agile, athletic, and gorgeous! They're suited for any discipline and bond very deeply with their human. Your Mustang will have completed all TIP requirements (and then some). Here's a little more information about what you can expect from your gentle Mustang:                              TIP Gentling Requirements
Unfortunately I do not have the space to have a selection of Mustangs here in training, so it is imperative that I'm doing the training for someone who is committed to adopting. Further training will be needed to develop a dependable riding horse, and I am happy to refer you to  a trustworthy and knowledgeable trainer. Please feel free to share and network! There are tens of thousands of incredible Mustangs languishing in the corrals who urgently need homes and new families to adore and who will adore them. Mustangsare an incredible part of our nation's heritage. Please consider inviting one of these exceptional horses into your farm and family!

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Special thanks to Kent Keller for allowing me the use of this gorgeous photograph! Kent is an exceptionally talented photographer of  nature and wildlife in Utah. Please visit Kent's website to more of his amazing work!